Public Safety

Event Alert System

A color-coded Event Alert System will communicate to participants the status of course conditions on Race Day. The levels range from Low (green) to Moderate (yellow) to High (red) to Extreme (black) based largely upon the weather, as well as other conditions.

  • Weather updates will be made at Packet Pick-up and Expo via public address announcements.
  • On Race Day, the current Event Alert System status will be communicated via public address announcements at the start and finish areas and color-coded flags at each of the Water Station locations.

All participants should familiarize themselves with the Event Alert System prior to the race, remain alert for directions from race officials and announcers, and take precautions to prepare properly for varying weather conditions on Race Day.


Event Alert System:


Adverse Weather

Sunburst Races may be cancelled due to, but not limited to, the following weather conditions:

  • Tornado warning
  • Tornado watch
  • Thunderstorm
  • Dangerously high temperatures

The Sunburst Medical Director monitors race conditions and, in coordination with local law enforcement and officials at the University of Notre Dame, has the authority to cancel the events if conditions warrant.


Public Safety Update

Since 1984, we've planned Sunburst Races events with participant and public safety as our utmost concern. We always work closely with law enforcement, emergency responders and other public safety officials throughout the county and will continue to do so in preparation for this year’s events. With that in mind, please be aware of the public safety measures below, developed in conjunction with the South Bend Police Department. There is no finish like the Sunburst Races finish, and we're working hard to bring you a great experience for this year's running of the Sunburst Races. 


All Runners:
  • The race bib must be worn and visible on the front of your shirt or shorts. Runners whose bibs are not visible on the front of their shirt or shorts will not be allowed into the finish area.
  • Participants will not be allowed to wear or carry backpacks on the course or into the finish area.  Camelbaks are permitted.
  • Do not store, hide or leave any personal items, backpacks, packages or clothes along or near the racecourse, including the start and finish line areas.


Marathon and Half Marathon:
  • Marathoners and Half-Marathoners may use Gear Check to check their personal belongings, or leave their personal items with a friend or family member.
  • Items brought to Gear Check must fit into clear plastic bags supplied by Sunburst Races.
  • Personal bags will not be accepted at Gear Check.
  • Placing a personal bag into the clear plastic bag supplied by Sunburst Races is not allowed.


  • No spectators inside the runner's finish area.
  • Spectators are encouraged to leave their bags in their cars.
  • If spectators choose to bring a backpack or a bag into the finish area, their bag will be screened and/or searched.
  • Only registered participants are allowed in the finish line area. This is strictly enforced.


Please be vigilant as you enjoy the Sunburst Races. If you see a suspicious person, object or vehicle along or near the race course, please report the sighting to law enforcement or 9-1-1.